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Al Muntada Trust

Developing Communities Worldwide

Al Muntada Al-Islami Trust’s journey in the last 25 years has been an arduous but positive and rewarding experience. The Trust’s impressive performance is yet another example of how a small faith-based community charity can grow over the years to become a dynamic and successful international NGO and development agency, providing help for sustainable development and enabling people to act locally, for themselves, their families and their wider communities.

With ever increasing problems for the Muslim community, we have tried our upmost to provide those vital needed services to the Muslim and wider general public. Looking further afield, in the face of natural disasters and conflicts in many parts of the world that have left millions of people homeless, hungry and without livelihoods

The Trust has met these daunting challenges with creativity, expertise and sensitivity. It has worked hard to give value for money using both community donations and institutional funding, with the lowest possible administration costs, to address the root causes of poverty and undertake sustainable projects that both empower and inspire.

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